Yves Saint Laurent expo in Paris

The Yves Saint Laurent exhibition took place in Paris between the 11th of March until the 29th of August in the Petit Palais next to the Champs Elysées.

Even though the expo lasted 5 months I decided to go the last day (and to be fair it was a very bad idea since I had to queue for about 3 hours and a half). My motivation was quite intense and I was hoping to see a diversity of outfits and collections as well as a lot of people working in the fashion world. Instead, the queue and the price of the tickets were disproportional compared to the time of the visit (more or less 40mins).

In spite of all that though the outfits were absolutely amazing and the expo taught me a lot about the history of fashion since Yves Saint Laurent was one of the revolutionary in the fashion world.But also, the exhibition helps us to understand how the power of women in the society evolved through times and also through fashion in the last 40 year with the invention of the tuxedo, the  trouser suit and the safari jacket by Yves Saint Laurent.

If you missed the exhibition here is the official site:


check it out because all the outfits are on it: it’s basically like going to the exhibition….


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