Men are selfish pigs. This is the rule and we (women) are stupid to spend our time trying to convince ourselves that there will be an exception and looking desperately for the right guy. Why are we always trying to convince ourselves that every single “new guy” is “the one”? When we fall for some “new guy” we are convincing ourself so hard that it’s ‘the one” and that he is “different” that most of the time we accept to believe their excuses and their stupid stories even though we know perfectly that their lying or that what their actions are not acceptable.Most of the time we know deep inside that this “new guy” isn’t “the one” so why do we persist trying to full ourselves? Why do we believe so much that this guy is the “exception”? Because by fulling ourselves we end up loosing control and we let them hurt us.What is it that make us women like pain so much?? We always end up closing an eye (or two) on one hurtful sentence, on a suspicious detail, on an evidence and by doing that we let them have a wonderful life until they have enough of you and start hurting you, make you feel uncomfortable, inappropriate and insecure.Why do we let them do this to us?Why do we persist thinking that maybe “the new guy” is different or even that we can change him? Why do we let them take control?

Maybe because in some ways we like only the guys who are hard to get, maybe because we like the guys that make us loose total controle.Maybe because we would love to be the exception so much (like in the movies) that we are unable to take a step back after we fell for somebody.

Should we then play their game?and act as if we were loosing control even though we aren’t?Should we act like men in order to drive them crazy about us and not suffer? Should we play simply their game?

Flirting in France, Italy and Great Britain…

Like men, women like to flirt now and then in bars, clubs, parties… but what women need to know is that flirting is different according to the nationality and the country where the man they are interested in is from. Here are some tips to understand how Italian French and English men’s minds work during a flirt.

In France, it’s very hard that a flirt in a bar, a club or a party ends up in a romantic love story! If you meet a French man in a club he will probably dance with you for maximum half an hour and then he will try to make out and more…French (men and women) love sex without any commitment. They are very into what they call “sex friends”. They basically have one or two sex friends each with whom they have sex once in a while but there are rules: you can not show any affection to your partner, you can not kiss in public and you can not call him/her during the day. So if you meet someone in a club or bar you know what to expect. Although, if a French man stops you in the street and asks for your number after many many cheesy compliments then he is a “male sex predator”.  The male sex predators are men who were disappointed and hurt by a past relationship and who just want to seduce and hurt as many women as possible. Often those men have lists of women’s number and they try to seduce and have sex with as many women as they can. Some of them even compare on the net how many numbers they got during the day and make a little profile for each woman. Obviously there are exceptions. The majority of the French couples though met each other in other environments like work, schools, dinners with common friends, and most of all weddings.

In Italy, flirting is an art. Men love flirting and they are not shy. If you start an eye contact with an Italian and he doesn’t reply to it it means he isn’t interested. As simple as that. Italian men are more direct and they know what they want. They are probably the most dangerous men in Europe because they know how to seduce a woman. The rule is very simple if they are starting complimenting you on everything and nothing it’s mainly to bring you into bed…if they tease you and try to annoy you it means they want more than that. Yes it’s very odd but true. Italian men like women who can resist them, they like confident women who are capable to answer to their teasing jokes. Never get annoyed with them just take it with philosophy and answer with intelligence. You have to be very careful with them because as soon as they see that you are falling for it they lose any interest in trying to seduce you. Flirting is like the national sport after football: they know what they are doing! Also (as it’s the national sport) they are more likely to be unfaithful (but there are obviously exceptions).

In Great Britain, men are shy! Very shy! They need to have a drink before they can find the courage to come to flirt with you. For some weird reason English, Scottish and Walsh men see the fact of “falling in love” like a weakness. Usually when they really like somebody they are too shy to do anything about it. In fact, most of the couples have first drunken sex before actually starting dating…Never use the tactic of resistance in Great Britain because men just can’t be bothered to fight for a woman. If one resists him he will just turn around and try with somebody else. In Great Britain seducing is not the national sport! They are too lazy! They just want to get drunk, have a good night and have a woman to fall into their arms (eventually). They have no interest in women who are too hard to get because many others are ready to get with them without even have a conversation.

I am not saying that this is how it always has to go but from what I could observe that’s how flirting works in those counties…


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  1. 4everaloneandwonderingxx0 says:

    we should play simply their game i thinks becos when we fell for ourselves we make ourself better even by making a flirt we build ours confidance. does you understand me?

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