How to loose weight.

What you have to know and understand about food before starting:

The first thing you have to know is that you will be able to lose weight only if you feel good about yourself. You have to love yourself as you are, that’s the first step, the first rule!

Second of all you have to convince yourself that food doesn’t replace love, confidence, happiness…Food will make you feel good for about 20 mins and then you ll feel even worse afterwards.

Finally, you have to understand that food doesn’t disappear. You don’t have to eat as much as possible as if otherwise you would miss it. Food is there and will always be there (in the fridge, in the closet…) you don’t need to eat everything you can until you feel sick. You have to learn to live with food around you without being obsessed with it.

Lesson 1:

The very first thing to do is to make a list of every single things that you eat everyday for a week. I want you to realise what you are eating, in which quantity and what you could easily cut (a random candy, a chocolate bar that they offered you but that you didn’t really want…).

Be fair with yourself! Don’t lie on your list because you are doing this list for yourself and yourself only!


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